David Crow

David Crow - March 2018

I founded Danger Capital Corporation in 2015. Why Danger Capital Corporation? If I was starting a venture fund, it was a terrible name. Danger Capital putting other people’s money at risk. Though it might have been the most truthful of pitches. My initials are DCC and I had seen Jon Medved speak at the 2015 Canadian Crowdfunding Summit where he said,

“In English venture capital sounds wonderful like an adventure, in Israel we’re very direct; we call it ‘danger capital.’” – Jon Medved, OurCrowd

Danger Capital provides honest advisory services to emerging technology companies about the consistency, clarity and conciseness of their business plans. My goal is to cut through the buzzwords and get to the core assumptions about your companies, your investors and your customers in order to continue to grow a successful business.

The goal is to build an execution model for your business that ties future revenues to the activities needed to build and manage both the product and the customer funnel. Because the only thing we can be absolutely sure about your plan, is that it won’t come true.