Danger Capital provides education, coaching and advisory services for startups.

Danger Capital helps companies:

  • focus on milestones that will attract new investors in the next round
  • building clear, concise and consistent financial plans about the unknown future state of their potential customers and business;
  • understand the motivations, milestones and return expectations of potential investors;
  • planning of future revenues and customer growth;
  • improving board communications by connecting customer milestones to development and production activities.

We aren’t for everyone.

It’s expensive. It is intense. There is no room for BS answers or approach. We work together to figure out what are you missing? What do you need? What are the barriers to your growth? Why aren’t new investors interested in the next round? What are we missing?

  • Scaling up of revenue with consistent growth
  • Choosing the right funding sources
  • Addressing competition and improving differentiation
  • Optimizing your sales process, pricing and positioning

Post-Accelerator & Series A Companies Need to Grow

We work primarily with companies that have graduated from an accelerator or have raised “professional” equity investment (think venture funded companies). Our focus is helping establish clear, measurable targets for growth that are compelling to new investors in the next round. And communicating the progress and momentum clearly with existing board members and investors.

Danger Capital provides safe trusted space and coaching to small and medium sized businesses and early-stage startups to build momentum and maximize their impact.